From the Past

One of my projects while I am “locked down” is to share on this website stories and illustrations from The Church Monthly dating back to 1892 owned by St Andrew’s Church, Aysgarth, and those from the Heritage Event held at that church in 2009.

Last year for the Research Room at the Dales Countryside Museum I helped with scanning all the Aysgarth Parish Magazines and then the Upper Wensleydale Parish Magazines which had been published in The Church Monthly annuals. So I was often distracted by items in The Church Monthly magazines. I thought I would now have time to indulge myself!

From Aysgarth Parish Magazines 

Aysgarth Parish Magazine 1900

Bouquets for Waifs and Strays 

From The Church Monthly :

Rambles of a Naturalist in March and April 1900

Rambles of a Naturalist, January and February 1900

Churches sprouting trees!

Ramblings of a Naturalist 

Children’s Playtime early 1890s

Memories of a beetle collector

Nightingale Duet

The Telegraph Messenger boy in the 1890s

Out with the Fire Brigade in 1894

Lighthouses with Paraffin lanterns in the 1890s

Herring fishing in 1894

A Railway Engine ride in 1984

For the love of Horses – 1894

Backyard chickens in the 1890s

From the Heritage Event (updated as necessary):

A Mothering Sunday story

The Doctor’s Window