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Appropriate enforcement

The YDNPA’s planning committee was told by an enforcement officer at its meeting on February 2022: ‘Breaches of planning control impact adversely on the ability of the Authority to maintain public confidence in planning system.’

The importance of consistent and appropriate enforcement was again emphasised at the planning committee meeting in May 2022.

A prime example is the Aysgarth Lodge Holidays site at Westholme between Aysgarth and West Burton. The light emanating from those lodges at night is considerably more than from any village in the Dales. That is because the conditions on the planning approval in 2008 were not enforced. Many lodges are facing directly across Bishopdale and are not sufficiently screened by hedges and trees, contrary to the plan approved by the YDNPA. A planning officer was careful not to show that view of the site at the planning meeting  in March 2023.

Local Democracy

The objectives of the  Association of Rural Communities have always included the need for local democracy and representation.

When, in 2009,  local newspapers stopped sending reporters to YDNPA meetings the Association of Rural Communities was very concerned at the lack of independent reporting especially as the YDNPA has such a major impact upon those living and working in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

It is very encouraged that there is now a Local Democracy Reporter (Stuart Minting) reporting on YDNPA meetings. Pip  Pointon continues to post reports, on a voluntary basis, so as to continue as full a record as possible, especially of planning committee meetings, as part of the Association’s commitment to local democracy.

The Association’s chairman, Alastair Dinsdale, has highlighted the importance of farmers to the beautiful landscape of the Yorkshire Dales.

Also see the report of the Full Authority discussion :  planning committee -review and impartiality.

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