Queen’s Jubilee celebrations in Aysgarth and mid-Wensleydale 2012


The community spirit was in full swing in mid Wensleydale as dales folks prepared shared meals, organised tea parties, and just had a great time together to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond  Jubilee on Tuesday, June 5, 2012.  For more pictures click on the photo above.

In Aysgarth everyone enjoyed the sports events from the children who took part to those who watched. Our oldest residents, Anne Barlow (almost 98) and Boris Anderson (93)  were there for a while but, although it didn’t rain, it was a bit cold for them.

Many of the houses in Carperby were decorated while Doreen Mason, with the help of David Bains,  turned the village cross into a regal affair. They even did some recycling for the crown was fixed onto a section of a shower overflow tank. At Carperby and at Askrigg children received jubilee mugs specific to their own villages.

The festivities in Askrigg lasted all weekend with special church services, children’s sports and a fancy dress parade on the Monday and then the street party on the cobbles outside the church on the Tuesday. It was fun walking around the village following the scarecrow trail.

In Redmire Phil Oliver rescued a crown from his attic which last saw the light of day on the Queen’s last jubilee. And at Thornton Rust a Morris Minor proudly waited outside the village hall while its owners and most of the villagers enjoyed a jubilee bring and share tea.

Leeds Morris Men organised their own diamond jubilee tour of the Yorkshire Dales on the Saturday and Bank Holiday Monday which included other groups. The Briggate Morris female dancers (below) came to Aysgarth twice, accompanied by the Whitchurch Morris Men and Heartsease, the ladies group from around St Neots.


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