YDNPA – to extend or not to extend?

The Association of Rural Communities (ARC) is very concerned about the proposal to extend the boundaries of the YDNPA at a time when all the National Park Authorities and Natural England are having to cut back on both staff and services due to the budget cuts. The Association therefore sent the following letter to the president (Ben Fogle) and the Chief Executive of the Campaign for National Parks (CNP):

“ARC can understand that, in this time of financial cutbacks, the CNP wishes to raise funds to help preserve some of the important work being carried out by National Parks such as the Ranger services, footpath maintenance and other projects to conserve and enhance the countryside. But we feel this would be seriously undermined if money went to a campaign to extend some National Park boundaries, especially as there is quite a considerable amount of opposition to these plans which means there will be a very expensive public inquiry.”

To this the Chief Executive, Helen Jackson, responded that the CNP would continue raising money to support the campaign for the extension of the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales National Parks. She added: “We believe that many local people support these proposals.”

Is there so much support for stretching the resources of these National Park Authorities at a time when we are all feeling the pinch of financial austerity?  Why not share your views with ARC by posting a comment here.

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